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The Daily Nationalist: Boadicea Events and The Link – DN 043018


Sven Longshanks hosts a solo episode of The Daily Nationalist to start the week with, covering the recent Boadicea Event held in Blackpool and a new political prisoner’s welfare organisation called ‘The Link’.

The meeting was very good, held in a quality venue with some well known speakers talking on a variety of topics covering race-replacement on housing estates, Leftists admitting Nationalists were right decades later, British history that has been hidden from us and how the narrative given during the war years was completely different to the reasons given today for the Brother’s war.

The theme was working together and there were people from various organisations there, with about 35 people in attendance. Also covered was the plight of our political prisoners and the importance of writing to them in order to keep their morale up. The majority of these Nationalists have never been charged with a violent crime, they are in prison simply for being openly patriotic in public. They are not just going to need encouragement while inside, but will also require our help once they are released. They will have problems getting a job and may even be prevented from associating with their former friends, if they apply for parole.

Michael Woodbridge will be coordinating these efforts and he needs letter writers, people willing to visit the nationalists in prison and of course, donations.

The next Boadicea Event will be on September 22nd and if you wish to be considered for the invite list, then you should phone this number 0743 475 7750.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Boadicea Events and The Link – DN 043018


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