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The Daily Nationalist: Revelation of the Method in Syria – DN 041118

dn 041118

Sven Longshanks is joined by Florian Geyer to discuss the western thirst for war in Syria and what lies behind it. There is no evidence for a gas attack in Ghouta apart from one video. There are no identifiable victims, no witnesses, the hospital claims seven people complained of symptoms but had no physical signs of chemical poisoning and both the Syrian and Russian inspectors say there is no evidence of any gassings. The Russian government even warned that there would be a false flag chemical attack in the mainstream media just a few weeks back that would be blamed on the Syria government, yet still the bad actors concerned are going ahead with the false narrative.

You would think they would choose their timing a bit better and would try to pull this off when Ghouta was still held by the terrorists and not after they had almost all been neutralised. You would also think that if someone wanted to blame Russia for the Skripol poisoning in Salisbury, they would have carried it out a lot further away from Britain’s own chemical weapons depot. Both these recent attempts at bearing false witness with no evidence show something that Michael Hoffmann calls ‘revelation of the method’. This is when the enemy becomes so powerful he feels able to make his deceit visible, knowing the population will make fools of themselves by going along with it.

America/Israel/EU have lined themselves up against Putin and we have never really been given a genuine reason for this. The story about it being because Crimea voted to join Russia is nonsense. What else could Russia do when 99% of Crimea is Russian? It is not really about Syria either, as Putin has acted entirely within international law by moving Russian troops in there at the invitation of the country itself. It can really only be his independence and the fact he has so much popular support among the Russian people, that is driving the NWO to demonise him so much.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Nationalist: Revelation of the Method in Syria – DN 041118


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