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The Daily Nationalist: The Syrian Air-Strike Aftermath – DN 041818

dn 041818

Max Musson joins Sven Longshanks to talk about the aftermath of the air strikes on supposed chemical weapons facilities in Syria.

Max has been looking at the location of the airstrikes on Google Earth and they would appear to be right next to the civilian district, which is a rather strange place to locate a chemical weapons facility, especially when you consider the UK one has 3 miles between it and the general population while also being heavily guarded. The targets that were hit in Syria were part of a university that had no guards, but did regularly have plenty of students in it.

The videos of the first responders all show people in their normal clothes, whereas if a chemical weapons store had been hit the whole area would be a contamination zone. This must have been picked up on by viewers of the news, even the journalists sent there were not wearing any protective clothing.

It does look as if this was a complete pack of lies about it being full of bio-weapons, but the pantomime does not stop there, the actual strikes themselves only slightly injured 3 people and just destroyed a couple of buildings. The Russian were told when and where the attack would be and it now looks like it is all over. There has been no harm done to the Syrian people or their government and no declaration of war or anything like it.

Perhaps President Trump was being heavily leaned on to do something and he just did the absolute bare minimum?

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

The Daily Nationalist: The Syrian Air-Strike Aftermath – DN 041818


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