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The Daily Nationalist: Why Putin’s Victory Scares the West – DN 042618

dn 042618

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Sven Longshanks to look at the way Putin’s recent victory at the polls was covered in the West and what the reality behind it is.

First there were comparisons between Putin and Stalin, while conveniently forgetting how long Merkel has been in office. After that we were told Aleksei Navalny was a credible opposition figure, when he has very little support and is a convicted criminal.

Once the election started, we were told people had been coerced into voting to explain the high turnout, which is much higher than we get in the West. It was also implied that the vote was falsified, when Putin has an approval rating of over 80%.

We were told people were voting for him because they didn’t know any better and they think Russia is going to conquer the rest of the world, starting with Ukraine. That Crimeans had been told Crimea would be forced into legalising gay marriage if they didn’t vote to join Russia.

The real reason Putin is still in power is very simple though, the new generation of Russians today are far better off than previous generations by just about any marker of prosperity you care to think of. They have higher life expectancy, better education and higher incomes. If any politician achieved the same in America or Europe then they would be well liked by the population too.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: Why Putin’s Victory Scares the West – DN 042618


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