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The Daily Nationalist: The Windrush Conspiracy – DN 042518

dn 042518
Modern-day Windrush leaving for Europe.

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to discuss the origins of the invasion of Britain, which started with the Windrush depositing hundreds of dark-skinned foreigners on her shores in 1948.

The ship itself was originally a a pleasure boat used for the German ‘Strength Through Joy’ program, but was stolen by Britain after the war. It was handed over by the Jewish minister for war, to the Jewish minister for Transport, who sold it to a Jewish shipping owner, who then took it to Jamaica and loaded it with the invasion force. This part of the plan was also helped by Jews, who placed large adverts in the media that they owned encouraging Jamaicans to come to the land of free welfare forever.

The operation was similar in outline to what happened in America, where Jewish shipping owners brought Black slaves in and flooded the South with them. Britain could see the harm diversity had caused over there, but was conned into accepting the boatload of intruders by another Jew, this time in the role of Solicitor General, who claimed it would be illegal to send them back. This son of a Jewish Bolshevik then went on to draft laws forcing the British public to remain silent about being replaced.

The boatloads increased each year along with the legislation preventing free speech about the effects it was having and now today we are being told these same invaders should have a right to stay here forever, since they did the jobs we didn’t want to do after the war. However the government’s own reports at the time said they were useless at work and the women were even more stupid than the men.

These people do not belong in White countries, they were forced upon us and it is well past time that they went home again.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

The Daily Nationalist: The Windrush Conspiracy – DN 042518


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