The International Jew: What Jews Attempted Where They Had Power – TIJ 041618


Ted Midward presented Part 39 of his series based on Henry Ford’s ‘The International Jew’ this week looking at some outrageous examples of Jews imposing their ideas onto White Americans.

Many of their attacks have been on Christianity and particularly it being taught in schools. They have also tried to get all mention of Christmas removed from public areas including the nativity story being taught to children and the first example presented is a case of this happening.

The next is about them banning the racial history of America being discussed in public, along with any talk about changes to the immigration law. The lecturer being spoken of bent over backwards to flatter the Jews in his public presentation, but still they were not satisfied and wanted his blood.

In the final example the Jews decreed that the Zionist problem in Palestine should not be discussed and their way of covering for this, was to demand that the Irish question was not discussed either.

This was quite contrary to the wishes of the Irish, who had wanted their position to be known and the news of what was happening in Ireland to be made public.

The Jews will always try to use gentiles as camouflage, not just as individuals but at times even whole nations of us.

Narration and Commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: What Jews Attempted Where They Had Power – TIJ 041618

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