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Thoughts of the Day: Brother’s Wars – GL 041018

GL 041018

It's a cold dreary day as I record this week's frogcast but we're nice and cozy here inside the prestigious frogcast studios. As always I thank you for joining us this week and thank you to our dwindling sponsors who have hung in there through the Jews' latest effort to shut us down.

I thought we'd discuss the topic of brother's wars. We've talked about this before: how we as a race have fought these wars against each other over the years and especially over the last century. These wars were very much to our own detriment and only seeming to benefit the Jews. But why though? Why have we as a people allowed ourselves to be manipulated in such a way time and time again? Putting the topic of these brother's wars in the context of the now seemingly endless infighting we're experience it has occurred to me that perhaps there is simply something in our genetic makeup that makes us enjoy fighting one another instead of our enemies. I don't know what the future may hold so things may change but I plan for this to be my last time discussing this topic.

Moving on, we've got an update to last week's story about the invader caravan headed to the U.S.. I saw this as an obvious trap for Trump. On the one hand, if he simply let these people walk across the border his base support would fall away and on the other hand if he used the military to stop them, they would be screaming about human rights abuses and calling him a war criminal or something. This last scenario giving his enemies their long awaited chance to possibly impeach him. The caravan is gone now before even reaching the border and I have to say, I'm impressed with the way Trump played this. We'll discuss some other positive things happening on the Trump front. Again folks please remember; nobody is saying Trump is the end all of everything we want but trust me, good news and small victories come few and far between as it is so let's not dismiss them when they do come around.

In our final segment before congregating the Church of the Lampshade I thought we would discuss the topic of animosity between the different races. Now, as a modern day Nazi you may think that I go through my day to day life hating all these other races. From the time I get up in the morning to the time I go to bed, all I can think about is how much I hate other races. Well, this simply isn't the case. The reason we have this animosity between races is because of the forced multiculturalism that we have today. You see one race will always want to dominate and impose their genetically predisposed values on the other race. Sometimes this can be a positive thing, such as white America in the old days imposing their values on blacks. However that's not the case today. Now these other races are imposing their values on us. Animosity rises but it's not necessary. If we simply all lived in the confines of our own nations, this animosity could all be avoided. Needless to say, when you really get down to the bottom of the cause of this animosity, you find the Jews pretty much each and every time.

For this week's segment in the Church of the Lampshade I thought we'd discuss the notion of being humble or having a humble mind set. No we're not going to talk about turning the other cheek for the six millionth time but this isn't completely unrelated to this either. What do we mean when we talk about having a humble mind set and how does it apply to us living our lives right now? Well, tune in to the always humble Reverend Lampshade to find out.

As always I very much appreciate the fact that you tune in each week for these discussions. I hope that you enjoy them and more importantly get something of substance to think about out of them. We'll have a whole week to ponder these things and to consider new things to think about. You can bet that we'll discuss them once again next week on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Brother’s Wars – GL 041018


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