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Thoughts of the Day: A Message to the Masses – GL 040318

GL 040318

Thoughts of the Day comes blasting back at you this week with a rejuvenated and re-invigorated Grandpa Lampshade. After being sick for so long, it's like I've got a lot built up that needs to be said. This week's show will be hard hitting and fast paced so cucks and faggots might as well check out now! Are you ready for this ride? Sponsorship has fallen off a bit this week with the Jews' successful shut down of my PayPal account but that's ok, they won't stop this train of truth!

We open up our topics for discussion this week by talking about the importance of naming the Jew. To be more specific: naming the Jew George Soros. I am so sick of this "George Soros was a Nazi" lame ass meme. Or "George Soros is a liberal" or whatever. HE'S A JEW. If George Soros disappeared today you can bet your last dollar that someone else would take his place and you can also bet that same last dollar that someone would be a Jew. This is what we do. We name these kikes every time we see them. We won't give them a safe space to sit back and enjoy destroying our nations. We're going to point at these hook-nosed rats wherever we may find them. Is it effective? I'll answer that with a question of my own: are they trying desperately to shut us down?

In other big news this week, there is a caravan from Central America of brown invaders marching through Mexico on the way to the American border. This is our opponents calling Trump's bluff.

Remember when the first boatloads of invaders started arriving in Europe? Remember how we all pointed out that much trouble would have been stopped had the nations of Europe simply sank the first boats before they arrived? Since when do we ignore invading armies just because they are unarmed? Let's see what Trump does. Because it seems to me that aside from telling his supporters what they want to hear, we're really not seeing much action. What will he do? Will he actually defend our border or will he cuck out and let them march right in? This is very important because if the precedent is set that we won't stop these people, then you can bet that this is only the first wave. If this isn't stopped there will be multiple waves flooding in and it could very well be game over. Some are saying that we the citizens should take up arms and guard the border ourselves, if the government isn't going to do their job. I'm not going to tell you to not do that, but I will however explain to you the reality of doing so. This isn't a game. If you're going to take up arms and march to the border then you need to be real about the consequences of doing so.

Being a traditional sort of guy, Grandpa Lampshade prefers traditional terms. Thus, I prefer the term "the masses" to "normies". I'll be the first to say that dealing with the masses is what I would describe as maddening. People as a whole really are stupid. We point out these truths day in and day out and what? "Not all Jews!" "Not all blacks!". It really is discouraging. There are days that I really would prefer to just live in the wilderness and watch it all burn from afar. The masses, the masses just lumber along like a herd of stupid livestock headed to no place in particular. Here's the thing though: we have to have at least 10% of the masses on board with us to affect real change. You may not like this reality, hell I don't like this reality but it is the reality that we face. We do not currently have 10% of the white population on board with us at this time and we will not affect real societal change without at least that number of them. This is why what we're doing is so important; because everything else we want to do hinges upon this.

No listener questions/comments this week so we head right into the uncucked Church of the Lampshade. That's right folks, it's sermon time with the Reverend Lampshade. I thought we'd talk this week about the fact that the devil is not only real but you need to understand that he wants to kill you. That's right, the devil wants you dead. Now this having been said, you need to bear in mind that the devil doesn't care anything about how many people die or human suffering or any such nonsense such as that. Thus, the most efficient way for him to kill you is to simply wipe out the white race in its entirety. Sound familiar? Sort of makes the struggle we face take on a whole larger meaning, doesn't it? We will talk this week about this fact and why the modern cuck church is no threat to the devil and his rebellion against God. Here's the thing: Christ said that many would try to enter but few would be able to. What most people fail to realize is it was always going to be a remnant, not a mass amount of people entering the Kingdom of God. This is a hard reality but it's the truth and we will discuss this truth in detail this week.

I hope you enjoyed this week's show. These Jews can shut down our funding, they can kick us off websites and social media but they can't stop our message of truth. We will continue to spread our message of truth. This message of truth is a message of power a message that is a threat to the current ZOG order and we'll keep promoting it right here on Radio Aryan and right here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: A Message to the Masses – GL 040318


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