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Thoughts of the Day: The Voting Con – GL 042418

GL 042418

Welcome back for another instalment of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day. I have to tell you, this week's show is going to be a lot of fun. Why? Because most of the content suggestions this week come from you the listeners via our questions/comments segment. That's right, not only do we have listener questions/comments this week but they're all a lot of fun so we will be spending a good part of the show on these topics.

We have no sponsorship this week, as the Jews have effectively shut down our sponsorship program. I may come up with something new but for now, Bitcoin (aka the Nazi currency) is our way of funding. However funding or not, the show goes on and stopping these Kikes is our mission.

We open our top segment this week in discussing the now obvious fact that voting and muh democracy are a complete scam, a con if you will. I've heard many of you even say that you're even going to vote Democrat in an effort to collapse the system even faster. I myself have always been a bit of a proponent of simply not voting and thus stripping the system of legitimacy. I mean, if less than ten percent of the people voted it would be hard for our self-proclaimed leaders to declare that they represent us. However after careful consideration I have decided that at this moment in time, this is actually the wrong way to go. I wrote about this earlier at the Semitic Truth Center but this show gets far more traffic than the blog does, so I wanted to discuss here why I believe we all need to go out this November and vote straight Republican ticket. No, this doesn't mean that GPL has gone full Republicuck normie. Actually, this is a strategy to collapse the system even faster than any other and today I will explain to you why.

We move into listener questions/comments early this week because we have such good stuff to talk about and I thought we'd start by taking a brief intermission from the heavy topics to lighten things up a bit. First up is from Mr. Turner. Mr. Turner has heard GPL and others mention vaping and like so many, thought that was just a fad aimed at faggy hipsters or something. Well, like so many he's seen the light. He's gone from being a heavy smoker to vape with great results. That's right, we're going to take a break and talk vape. Don't worry, there's more serious discussion upcoming but it's always nice to take a brief intermission before diving back in.

Next up, Dindunuffin 1488 poses the question: what about joining existing civic organizations such as Lions Club to get a foothold in the IRL world? As the older generations are dying off, these organizations are starting to suffer and lose numbers. Are they vulnerable to infiltration and establishing an IRL presence from people such as ourselves? Well to be honest, I hadn't heard this idea before but I have to say that I really like it! It's a fact that there are many in our circles who want to get IRL active but just don't know where to go. Perhaps some of these other organizations aren't to their liking and with the recent implosion of the TWP who can blame them? I believe Dindu's suggestion here is a most excellent opportunity to establish a presence in the community, reach others and take advantage of organizations that others have already laid the ground work in establishing.

In our final question/comment, Kimball from over at wishes to hear GPL's take on this internet culture and working online vs IRL when it comes to our movement. Kimball believes that IRL is the way to go moving forwards, but it seems that while people are willing to shitpost online, when it comes to IRL work they just fade into the background and are unwilling to do anything. So what sayeth GPL? One of the key purposes of the show is to stop people from viewing things in a strictly black and white nature. This gets a bad rap because the Left has expanded the grey areas to the point that nothing is right or wrong any more. However this doesn't change the fact that one must understand that there are different ways to effect change and every person has their own circumstances. We'll delve deeper into this in this segment because in a lot of ways, this goes to the heart of the infighting that we've seen as of late.

The Reverend Lampshade has a great sermon for you this week, if I do say so myself. This week I want to talk about what exactly it means to no longer be under the law because of Jesus Christ. I have often pointed out that when you come across something in scripture that seems contradictory it simply means that you haven't yet grasped it. No longer being under the law through Christ is one such thing. On the one hand, the Apostle Paul was quite adamant about Christian believers no longer being under the law and on the other hand, Jesus himself said that he had not come to overturn the law but to fulfill it. So what do we make of this apparent contradiction? Again, it's only a contradiction if you don't understand it and hopefully after this week's sermon, you will understand it.

As always I hope that at least one part of this show has provoked you to further thought. I hope the Church of the Lampshade segment has guided you toward spiritual growth. The truth is always our goal, no matter what the topic may be. Even though the truth may not always be popular there are still those who thirst to find it out. Here at Thoughts of the Day, you will find yourself among others who also thirst to find and speak those truths. Join us again next week and we'll look to uncover even more truths in this world of lies, right here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: The Voting Con – GL 042418


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