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Thoughts of the Day: The Yellow Peril – GL 041718

Another jam-packed and thought filled show comes your way once again this week thanks to Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day!

As we all know, Trump attacked Syria this week......again. I'm recording this week's show on Sunday so we've had a few days to let everything settle down and see exactly where we are. So where is that exactly? Well, you can't take these incidents by themselves, it's necessary to take a step back and look at the big picture. We'll do that this week and hopefully help you to see the bigger picture as well. One thing you can count on for sure: it's the Jews who are behind it.

Obviously this show is a pro-White show on a pro-White platform. However Grandpa Lampshade is all about telling the truth no matter how painful that may be. As I look at history and as I look at the world around us, I believe that we're poised to enter an era where the White race fades into the dustbin of history, fades into irrelevancy while the Asian (or if you prefer oriental) races move to the forefront on the world stage. I realize this isn't a popular thing to say but it's the truth. Obviously we don't want that to happen, so let's talk about why that is. Yes of course, we know it's the Jews but we really need to go deeper than that. It comes down to our genetics. White people are wired towards individualism while Orientals are wired toward group collectivism. So why the change? What's changed is the White race's ability to dominate the world, it has become so damaged it is now at the point where the Oriental races are poised to take their place. I can give you a one word reason for this besides the Jews and that answer is Democracy.

We have a listener question/comment this week from Charles. Charles has considered the fact that if the Jews control our governments, don't they also control our biological weapons? Does anyone think these rat kikes would hesitate to use them against us? Are they already using them against us?

Charles, like Grandpa Lampshade has looked at the current state of the American people and feels that something more is going on. Charles is right. There are lots of things going on that have brought our people to the state they are currently in when it comes to their physical state and we'll discuss some of those things here.

Time to convene the Church of the Lampshade once again this week and while I've been out and about on these interwebs, I saw someone make the statement that the Jews are God's chosen people (like we've never heard that one before) and that 'Murcia! is God's chosen nation. We already know the truth to this Jews being God's chosen bit, but what about the other part: what about 'Murica! being God's chosen nation? God bless 'Murica!, right? But why though? Why would God bless 'Murica! We're not going to only talk about how this notion that 'Murica! is somehow worthy of special treatment by God is completely silly, but also why it is arrogant and is actually an invitation for God to pour out his wrath upon this nation.

Thought provoking discussion is always here and as always I appreciate all of you stopping by for the conversation. Keep at it keep doing what you're doing because we're moving forward one way or the other, the only question is where we are headed. Be sure and join us again next week, we no doubt will have much to discuss right here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: The Yellow Peril – GL 041718


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