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Boadicea Events: Working Together with Jim Lewthwaite and Andrew Brons

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This is the second lot of speeches from Boadicea Events, which took place in the second half of the afternoon of Saturday 28th April 2018.

Jim Lewthwaite – Re-Writing History - BE 042918-04 JL

Jim Lewthwaite’s speech is about myth-busting. Like everyone in Britain he is sick of hearing about the Windrush generation and the Steven Lawrence murder. Singling out a single Black individual and leaving out all the Whites killed by the invaders is a deliberate campaign against White people that is based upon distortions of history. The police never thought this was a racially inspired murder and the Windrush generation did not come to Britain to do any jobs that nobody else wanted to do. The state relies upon it being so long ago that people have forgotten what the truth is.

It isn’t just these two myths that Jim blows apart, he also goes into the difference between what the British people were told about who we were fighting in the second world war and what we are told it was all about now. During Hitler’s pact with Stalin some very strange alliances were formed, with the French communist party being against the Western powers and German planes being fuelled by soviet oil. The British and American troops in Normandy in 1944 did not even know what they were fighting for, if the surveys done at the time are to be believed. Britain was fighting against Germany, not ‘Nazism’. That myth has only been very recently invented with the obvious goal of making Nationalists look like the world’s enemy.

Jim Lewthwaite – Re-Writing History - BE 042918-04 JL


Andrew Brons – Ecumenical Nationalism – BE 042918-05 AB

Andrew Brons spoke about the benefits and pitfalls of Nationalist unity. Unity was achieved by the National Front in the seventies and the BNP in the millennium, but the movement is very fractured at the moment and there is a risk of some organisations getting unwanted state attention simply by associating themselves with certain individuals who have been singled out for censure.

There are also people masquerading as Nationalists, who think that Nationalism is based on citizenship and not race. Some say it would be impossible to get political power without accepting this view, but in a recent poll 51% of all people questioned said that biological heritage was the determining factor in whether anyone was British.

Andrew thinks it is still possible to get a party elected as it is only the political establishment that are against us, not necessarily the rest of the establishment. They would just need to know that we were going to respect the laws of the country and treat our opponents honourably in order to work with us.

Andrew Brons – Ecumenical Nationalism – BE 042918-05 AB


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