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Mysterium Monologue: Friendship – MM 052118

MF Friendship

Florian Geyer hosts the second of his solo podcasts, this week looking at ‘friendship’.

Ancient conceptions of friendship and love were very different to what they are today, man is lucky if he has a real friend in his wife today, let alone among those he calls friends.

Man's own alienation from himself was a consequence of the Fall, but man was created for friendship. The loss of genuine platonic bonds among our own gender lies at the root of much of our sorrows.

Christ is the fulfilment of divine human friendship and our role, as Christians, is to be good friends to God and the world.

Our friendship with our extended family is at the center of nationalism and our own political effectiveness will be determined by the strength of our bonds with our comrades, as the hallmark of friendship among men is the willingness to back one another in a fight. These bonds have to be founded on honesty or they will easily break under pressure.

Friendship then, is a necessary quality for both theological and national salvation.

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The Dreadnoughts – Up High

Presented by Florian Geyer

Mysterium Monologue: Friendship – MM 052118

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