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Mysterium Monologue: Organic Government – MM 052918

MM 052918

Florian Geyer begins this week’s monologue by wishing listeners a happy Pentecost, before explaining what an organic government is and why we need one.

The government arises from the family structure. In the same way the parents are there to guide the children until they become responsible adults, the government is there to protect us and provide the means for us to reach our full potential.

The nation is your extended family and only your family have your best interests at heart, therefore only a government created from you own ethnicity has any chance of doing the right thing by you.

The authority figure in the family is the father and just as he has the power to discipline the children, the state is given the power to discipline it’s citizens. The father disciplines out of love for the child, but the modern state no longer loves it’s people, it tries to replace them and disciplines them for pointing this out.

Clearly defined boundaries are required for children, yet the modern state continually moves the goal posts. A large part of the reason for this is because it no longer has one ethnicity to govern, but many. It is no longer an organic state, it’s purpose is no longer the prosperity of it’s people, but the continuation of a multi-cultural project leading to the genocide of the people it was elected to govern.

Presented by Florian Geyer

Mysterium Monologue: Organic Government – MM 052918

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