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Radio Free Northwest: Lawfare – RFN 050918

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Harold Covington begins this week by warning about more de-platforming coming, beginning with Spencer losing his domain and others even losing their bank accounts. So far the Northwest Front have managed to avoid this sort of thing by not directly engaging the enemy and this is a good strategy to have, if keeping an online presence is vital to your operation. However preparations should still be made for this eventuality, by downloading the podcast and pdf archive and storing them on a backup.

‘The Old Ways’ is up next, where in the face of all the re-writing of history, Harold reminds us of how things really used to be. This week the subject is lawfare and Harold goes right back to the beginning to talk about Anglo-Saxon law, the Magna Carta, coroners and the common law.
Gretchen reviews The Protocols of Zion this week and The Trucker is in Tennessee with some updates about new businesses in Kitsup county for people looking for work.

Harold finishes the podcast off by explaining that the law today is rabbinical rather than Aryan, since it is nearly impossible to go for a day without breaking it in one way or another.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Lawfare – RFN 050918

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