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Radio Free Northwest: Words Are Not Enough – RFN 052318

rfn 052418

Harold Covington begins this week by reminding people that if you leave money to Nationalist organisations in your will, it will most probably not go to where it should be going, either due to relatives or even anti-racist organisations stepping in.

Gretchen reviews ‘Against Democracy and Equality’ by Dr Tom Sunic, which was written during the cold war era and looks at the development of western civilisation as starting in Christianity and ending in Judaism.

The Trucker is in Albany, Georgia and he gives some proof for how mild the weather is in the northwest, by explaining that his house had no insulation for decades.

The final section comprises some excerpts from the party newsletter, which is usually restricted only to people who are physically helping the NWF achieve it’s aims.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Words Are Not Enough – RFN 052318

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