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The Daily Nationalist: 50 Years of British Nationalism – DN 050918

dn 050918

Sven Longshanks is joined by Edmond Morrison, lifelong British Nationalist to discuss the early years of British Nationalism and the National Front.

Edmond left the RAF to join the National Front when he realised the British were planning on bombing Rhodesia. The country was under sanctions at the time and his conscience would not allow him to be a part of making war against another White nation.

He was not a White Nationalist yet, but soon became one after making contact with other Patriots in the National Front and reading a mountain of literature. That first NF meeting that he went to was also his first experience of Leftist violence, as they smashed the fuse box of the hall with a pick axe leaving the hall in darkness, but with typical Nationalist aplomb the meeting continued in the twilight.

At the height of the National Front’s popularity they had approximately 30,000 members and fielded over a hundred members for election as MPs, only for Labour and the Conservatives to team up against them with direct attacks in party political broadcasts on tv, while the usual antifa goons in their guise of the anti-nazi league held huge rallies to oppose them.

Today we have Nationalist youtubers with over 30,000 subscribers and Nationalism is rising again. Edmond found it inspirational to see the Unite The Right rally as everyone there seemed ideologically sound, whereas Tommy Robinson’s recent Day for Freedom was just as degenerate as a gay pride event. Generation Identity must have been embarrassed by what went on, but at least they went and they must have recruited new members, which is what the goal of going to any Alt-lite get-togethers should be.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with Edmond Morrison

The Daily Nationalist: 50 Years of British Nationalism – DN 050918


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