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The Daily Nationalist: Burn Baby Burn – DN 050218

dn 050218

Sven Longshanks hosts a solo episode of The Daily Nationalist looking at the destructive nature of Leftism, as exemplified by yesterdays rioting and burning which took place all over the world, but particularly in Paris.

In Columbia they had a large effigy of Trump dressed as Hitler and covered in swastikas when he is the most Israel friendly President the world has ever seen. Elsewhere there were hammer and sickle flags, banners of Lenin and Marx and even pictures of Kim Jong Un, but there were very few actual signs saying what was being protested about. The Left just want to destroy things and they will use any excuse given them by the media to do so.

A recent study for the British Psychological Society has shed some light on this phenomenon, by showing that Leftists will believe anything in the news if it reinforces their already held beliefs. Their ‘exaggerated feeling of moral superiority’ means they want to believe news stories that echo their views, however those on the Right use their intuition or gut instinct to judge whether something is true or not, which nine times out of ten will prove to be correct.

No matter how hard the Left and the establishment try to shut us down, they will never succeed. Even after 70 years of relentless multicultural propaganda over half of Europe still think integration will never work and in the country where it has been forced the most, Sweden, that figure rises to 73%.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Burn Baby Burn – DN 050218


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