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The Daily Nationalist: Trump Brings Peace to the Middle East – DN 051518

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Natt Danelaw joins Sven Longshanks to talk about the ongoing Jewish celebrations in Israel, which have so far killed 58 Palestinians and wounded 2,400. No Jews have been harmed during the festivities.

Yesterday marked 70 years since the Jews declared an independent ethno-state on somebody else’s land and the holiday just so happened to coincide with another 70 year anniversary, that of the Palestinians’ ‘Great Catastrophe’.

Fighting to secure your borders and to lay a claim to a homeland cannot really be criticised, as every country in the world had to do this at one time or another, the difference with Israel is that the land is not drenched in the blood of their ancestors, but drenched in the blood of their Palestinian victims. Very few Jews have ever been hurt while massacring their unarmed opponents with overwhelming technological fire power given to them by America.

Donald Trump has turned out to be the biggest pro-Zionist of all American presidents and even while thick clouds of toxic black smoke were rising from the Jerusalem border, he was on the big viewing screen informing Palestinians that this was ‘peace’ that he was offering them. The Jews seriously think they are improving the world with their policies such as this, they call it ‘tikkun olam’. Everything that we see as harmful to the world, they think they should be promoting as they see degeneracy and immorality as being of great benefit to mankind. They really are the race of the anti-logos.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Natt Danelaw

The Daily Nationalist: Trump Brings Peace to the Middle East – DN 051518


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