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The Daily Nationalist: White Genocide in UK Primary Schools – DN 050418

dn 050418
Slough primary school approaches full diversity

Florian Geyer joins Sven Longshanks to discuss some shocking figures from the 2017 UK Census showing the percentage of White pupils in primary schools. Slough is as low as 16%, with Luton at 21% and London at 26%. The replacement of White with non-White is happening all over England, from north to south and within 10 years non-Whites will be the majority population in the worst hit areas.

With Moslem employment rates at only one in five and refugee employment rates in Europe at only 15%, it is the White man who will be paying the financial burden for being the victim of this agenda, on top of being the target of the invaders’ violent and criminal tendencies. War on the streets is the only possible outcome of this, we are heaping hot coals on the heads of our future generations.

The public can see this happening and are not happy about it, a poll released last week shows that 70% of the British people want a hostile environment for illegal immigrants despite the government’s sycophantic grovelling over the so-called Windrush scandal. The public do support our Nationalist policies, but they do not yet realise that their normal patriotic opinions are now the ‘Far Right’ that the government talks about. Less than 5% of people polled on Twitter said that Far Right terrorism was a threat, but over 90% think Islamic jidadis are.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Nationalist: White Genocide in UK Primary Schools – DN 050418


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