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Thoughts of the Day: Magic Monkeys – GL 052218

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There's only one Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day and there's only one Radio Aryan Network. Thank you as always for joining us this week for our uplifting and enlightening conversation.

As I go through life, I'm skipping along looking for something magical. What is it? Why of course, it my magical negro, it's my mythical Jew who won't ultimately jew me over. Why, if I can just find these two things then victory will surely be as good as done. Or perhaps not. This sounds silly coming from GPL but lots of people basically go through life just like this. We'll discuss this silliness for what it is and talk about dealing with those who present these hypothetical creatures to us, while trying to goad us into playing along with their game of make believe.

The meme wars have not ended, the front has simply shifted to another theater. On GAB there is a veritable plethora of lame ass anti-Moslem memes and the people who post these things actually think they're being edgy or something. Yet, what reaction do these 4 memes they post over and over again get? Nothing. Why? Well for one the Moslems aren't actually on GAB and second these people with their blind Moslem hatreds are simply dancing to the tune of the Jew. Yet when we post Jew memes what reaction do we get? You know all too well and this is why we know that our truths and our memes are right on target.

In other news this past week, we had yet another school shooting. The usual questions will get asked, the usual hand wringing about somehow being sure that this never happens again but the fact is it's going to happen again. Why? Because as I've pointed out previously, society is breaking down. We're seeing these school shootings and there are several different things coming together. We're going to take a hard uncomfortable look at these things as well as the repercussions of many of the things that have been foisted upon the butt of all jokes in this society; the white man. Not to be a downer but the killin's only just begun.

Listener questions and comments come our way this week with Eric asking whether destabilizing the Mid East is actually a good strategy? What if instead of the U.S. being a puppet of the Jews, we're actually using the Jews to keep the desert people from uniting and coming for our own nations? It's an interesting theory but that's where it ends, as a theory. We can observe the reality of the situation and a simple review of it will show this to be false.

Our second listener’s question will actually kick off this week's sermon in the Church of the Lampshade. The topic is baptism: is it mandatory? Jesus was baptized and it's always been held to be important but must we do it and if so where? Does a based member of the Lampshade congregation go to a local cuck church to be baptized in the name of the non gender-specific creator, the trans-child and the non-binary spirit? Will GPL hold a baptism at the local river? Do you have to do any of this at all? This will be good stuff and hopefully lead us to an uplifting sermon.

Another week has flown by and alas another hour has flown by. It's always that way when you're enjoying a cozy conversation. I hope that you've found something inspiring from the show this week and I hope to see you back again next week for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Magic Monkeys – GL 052218


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