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Thoughts of the Day: Reaching Normie Conservatives – GL 050818

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It's time once again for some fashy fun with Grandpa Lampshade. No sponsorship this week as the Jews have effectively shut down our funding except for the official Nazi currency, Bitcoin. That having been said, I do encourage you to at least consider throwing some coin towards those who are facing legal fees for simply exercising their free speech rights against the ZOG.

I wanted to discuss what on the surface sounds like a mundane normie topic: stress and your health. On more than one occasion I've run into brothers who are facing serious health issues that when you boil it down to it are caused from stress. The stress is caused from being awoke to the madness that we face. This week we're going to talk about getting some perspective and getting this stress under control. Know this: stress destroys nothing but yourself. Thus, if you do not get this under control you are destroying yourself and effectively doing the Jews' work for them.

Normie Conservatives - is there any more frustrating a group to deal with? Yet, this is where some of the more fertile ground for showing the people the light is. We're going to spend much of the rest of the show discussing these people. On GAB we've seen a large influx of Jews pretending to be fellow white conservatives. This should tell you what you need to know as far as how much of a threat our activities are in reaching these people. After all, if we were wasting our time with them, would the Jews bother trying to stop us? Yet there they are telling people to be sure and mute us before they can have a chance to hear or read anything we say! I can tell you they are now literally doing this. They are telling new arrivals to be sure and mute the Nazis and not listen to them. Now you tell me that we're not being viewed as a threat by these kikes.

Staying on the topic of normie conservatives, which is pretty much our theme for the rest of the show it is now so easy to see why conservatism was always destined to fail. Here's a hint: it was never intended to succeed. Conservatism was always a scam to keep people going along and continuing to buy into the system while the Marxist left continues to make advances. We'll discuss some of the many aspects of why this is so.

As we continue down the dank road of normie conservatism we'll also discuss the hypocrisy of conservative claims to be aghast and against anything with the word "socialism" in it. "Why, I could never be one of you because you're national SOCIALISTS and we all know socialism is nothing but another word for communism". Yet, you live in a socialist society now. The only thing is all of the socialism goes to other people while you work to support it. Whether we're talking about welfare checks for blacks or the rigged game of the supposed free market you are inundated with socialism now. What's so wrong with it being socialism that actually benefits society instead?

I've addressed this before on social media but I haven't yet on this show and that's this Q Anon business. This is the dumbest stuff I've ever seen. At best it's simply someone trolling you at worst it's an op to keep you buying into the system just a little bit longer. Why, just keep hanging in there as we have patriots in place in the inner workings of government who are going to do all of the heavy lifting for you and fix all of this just keep waiting............and waiting. Nothing ever comes of this. It's time to wake up and quit hoping someone else is going to do it for you.

Finally we will address the FACT that whether you like it or not, whether it offends your fantasy dream of muh Constitution or not the FACT is that the current system will collapse and be replaced by some form of authoritarian regime. The left knows this, that's why they're pushing on offense so hard. History teaches us that these failed democracies are always replaced by authoritarian regimes because that's the only way to fix the mess that democracy leaves behind. The left wants you to be saddled with yet another form of Marxism/Communism. The fact of the matter is there has historically only been one thing that has been able to successfully counter communism and that is National Socialism.

It's Church time again folks! That's right, another uplifting sermon from the Reverend Lampshade. We're going to discuss a few things in this week's sermon. First off: a word of prophesy if you will about America itself. What exactly is America? We're going to talk about how to go about praying in a manner where you are encouraged because you see your prayers being answered. Yes, there is a way to do this. Trust me, if you're not seeing your prayers come to fruition then you're not doing it correctly. Finally we come full circle to the opening topic regarding stress in the context of what it means in your faith to see how small you as an individual really are. When do you leave it in God's hands and when are you supposed to get up and do something? It's all right here and it's more fun and truthful than anything you'll hear in modern cuck church, I'll tell you that.

I hope this week's show as always leaves you with something to think about. I hope that this week's sermon has uplifted and motivated you spiritually somehow. I hope that this week will see you and yours safe, healthy and bold. And I hope to see you back again next week for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Reaching Normie Conservatives – GL 050818


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