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Aryan Britannia: Brexiteers Talk Kalergi Plan – AB 062418

ab 062518

Sven Longshanks and Max Musson begin this week’s podcast by discussing the pro-Brexit rally that was held on Saturday in London. Gerard Batten, Janice Atkinson and Anne Marie Waters were speaking, along with many others and it was on the whole very good. Mention was made of the Kalergi plan and the EU desire to turn Europeans into Arabs, as well as the treason being carried out the establishment.

The people who voted ‘out’ at the referendum were expecting the country to hand it’s notice in the very next day, not wait for two years to make sure the EU is happy with it leaving. By the time Britain actually does leave the EU, it may well have changed direction anyway, if the new Italy/Austria/Visegrad coalition get their way.

The next subject covered is the case of Barbara Fielding-Morriss, a 79-year-old woman who is facing 7 years in prison for saying she thought Hitler was ‘a good man’ and that she wished Britain to be White.

She clearly thought it impossible that you could be jailed for having a different opinion in Britain, as she defended herself in court by using the UN Human Rights act. Now that she has been found guilty of 4 counts of inciting racial hatred, the judge has suggested she get some legal counsel before sentencing next month.

Will the Soft Right be defending her freedom of speech, or do they only defend the speech of those who criticize Moslems? Another person who has been claiming to support freedom of speech recently is avowed marxist Billy Bragg, who made this the subject of his speech at a Bank of England conference. Alongside him at the banker’s knees-up was rabbi Neuberger who spoke about Labour Anti-Semitism., but what are these people doing speaking to the Bank of England anyway? Banks are supposed to be apolitical.

Last week was the anniversary of the Windrush invasion, which has been a complete catastrophe for the indigenous Britons. The country was not rebuilt by Negroes from the Caribbean after the war, they were cleaning toilets and driving buses if they were doing anything at all other than signing on. The people who really helped rebuild Britain were the Irish, yet their contribution is being hushed up and replaced with a fairy tale about a Jamaican negro construction industry, when all they have ever been any good at building is mud huts and shanty towns.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Aryan Britannia: Brexiteers Talk Kalergi Plan – AB 082518


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