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Mysterium Fasces: Nominalism – MF 061918

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Florian Geyer is joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson for a discussion on ‘Nominalism’ for the 52nd episode of Mysterium Fasces.

Subjects covered at the beginning will include where theology intersects with political control and why epistemology is a political issue. Also worldview manipulation and semiotic-cosmological control and the chain-of-being between theological reality and human action as epitomized in the Liturgy.

Then we will define epistemological Nominalism. Nominalism as the severance of the reality of Liturgical symbolism from it’s theological referent, as a consequence of the denial of universality.

Nominalism necessitates the tyranny of a created Grace, in order to impose Liturgical and Ecclesiastical order in the cosmos.

It is the gradual secularization of this particular mind-set which has produced modern Liberal Imperialism.

After this we will look at Orthodox Philosophy and the reality of Logos, Christ as the universal form. The immanent penetration of divine life into the cosmos which makes possible transcendent meaning and communion/communication between persons and properties.

Nominalism is inherently antithetical to the Logos doctrine, it is the inversion of the Christian notion of order producing chaos, whereby chaotic flux is the firmament that is only then organized into Order.

This state of affairs legitimizes imperialism and banditry, for it enshrines the will, subservient to the ego, as the arbitrator of reality.

Those with the power to enforce their view of reality, either through conversion or by force, are given the mandate under this schema.

A case in point, would be International Finance Capitalism.

Intro Music:

Psalm 134, Greek Orthodox Byzantine Chant

Presented by Florian Geyer and Matt Johnson

Mysterium Fasces: Nominalism – MF 061918

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