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Mysterium Monologue: Atheism – MM 061418

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Florian Geyer hosts the fourth in his series of Mysterium Monologues, this week looking at Atheism and why it is promoted by our enemies.

Atheism is an invaluable political tool, as it legitimizes power for power’s sake, by separating man from transcendental reality.

With no absolute morals and no higher ideal, there is nothing restricting man from acting purely for material gain.

Atheism is incompatible with the Far Right in general, as it divorces the nation from it’s spiritual value and reduces it to only what can be seen and measured.

A religious and heroic supra-ethical vitality is necessary for the revival of our civilisation and that only comes from authentic faith.

Nobody is prepared to die for abstract ideals like freedom, but they will put their lives on the line if they know they will live on.

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Gothien - Miri It Is

Presented by Florian Geyer

Mysterium Monologue: Atheism – MM 061418

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