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Radio Free Northwest: Reaching for the Stars – RFN 062618


Erik from Sweden begins this week’s podcast, addressing comrades in Europe with a warning about a Swedish health-board giving advice on adults that are married to children. This is just one example of many where we are wasting our time and resources trying to civilise brown barbarians when we should be reaching for the stars. If you want a country that has laws against the raping of children and makes no exceptions with that, then you need a country that is not multicultural and is only for White people.

Next up is a humorous piece from another contributor, talking about the symptoms of racism and how it can be cured only be replacing White DNA entirely.

Harold then reminds us that he cant say what he would really like to say, as there are too many bad people listening in. If you want to hear what he really thinks, then you need to get on his mailing list.

The Trucker is in Minnesota and has some angling tips for us with some removal advice and Harold finishes with a reading of an interview that he gave to some graduate students in Europe back in 2016.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Reaching for the Stars – RFN 062618

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