Radio Free Northwest: Speaking of the Death of the King – RFN 061418

rfn 061418

Harold Covington begins by addressing the fears that people have of getting involved in Nationalism. Yes, you may get into trouble for supporting a right wing cause, but if you don’t, then life will be unbearably worse in years to come for all of us.

Gretchen reviews The HJ Volume 1 by John R Angolia, which is an encyclopaedia on the Hitler Youth, with particular detail on the uniforms.

The Trucker is on his way from Iowa to Florida and has a message for people in California who are being limited on the amount of water they can use, yet are still building cities in the desert areas.

Andy Donner believes that if National Socialism had been allowed to continue, it would not have faced any threat from the socialists, as the NSDAP policies benefitted everyone in the nation. He also has some thoughts on demonstrations for us and how they don’t provide enough return for investment.

Harold finishes the podcast by addressing misogyny and the plan that is outlined in the White book.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Speaking of the Death of the King – RFN 061418

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