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The Daily Nationalist: 50 Years of British Nationalism IV – DN 061318

dn 061318

Sven Longshanks is joined by Eddy Morrison to continue the look back over 50 years of British Nationalism, this week looking at the criminal violence of the Left.

Yesterday Anne Marie Waters was supposed to be speaking at the Lewisham hustings alongside the other election candidates, but instead of being able to speak to the voters, the police shut the event down due to the threat of violence by the Left, who had amassed outside the venue and were physically attacking anyone going in.

This behaviour is nothing new, it has been going on for decades. Eddy tells us about the 43 group who formed to shut down Oswald Mosley and the 63 group who formed to silence Colin Jordan’s National Socialist Movement. Both these groups had known gangsters and hardened criminals leading them, in one instance they stole a lorry filled up with bricks and concrete slabs and drove it straight into John Tyndall’s living quarters and in another instance he was fired upon.

Burglary has always been a favourite of theirs too, with David Irving having his house broken into and his manuscripts stolen. In this instance the police were forced to prosecute the culprits, but that didn’t stop one of them, Gerry Gable from going on to form Searchlight. This organisation grew out of the Anti-Nazi League and had funding and support from top celebrities. The mainstream media still go to them for public comments on Nationalist parties and organisations, despite the fact it was set up by a career criminal.

Hope Not Hate are just the latest in a long line of front operations for gangsters and criminals, they masquerade as charities but their actions fall well over the threshold required for terrorist legislation to come into force. Even as far back as the first public order act their actions were clearly breaking the law, yet they have never yet been designated a terrorist organisation.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Eddy Morrison

The Daily Nationalist: 50 Years of British Nationalism IV – DN 061318


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