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The Daily Nationalist: 50 Years of British Nationalism V - DN 062718

DN 062718

Sven Longshanks is joined by Eddy Morrison to continue looking back over 50 years of British Nationalism, this week concentrating on the British National Party, how it came about and what happened to it.

John Tyndall was originally in Spearhead with Colin Jordan, before he joined the newly-formed National Front after a one year suspension for his overt support of National Socialism. He worked his way up to being chairman of the NF, but was unable to implement the changes he knew were needed, due to constitutional restrictions. He left, taking many of his supporters with him and formed a new party called the BNP around the early nineties. After a few highly visible rallies, the BNP started to make real headway in the latter part of that decade with the election of their first councillor, Derek Beacon in Tower Hamlets.

Nick Griffin had been in the National Front, then but moved to the BNP and became the editor of the BNP magazine ‘Spearhead’ which was named in honour of the previously banned NS organisation. He went on to win a leadership election and become the face of the BNP for ten years, but first he began making some fundamental changes to the party that JT had founded.

He started removing all those who had National Socialist sympathies, which included well respected figures such as Peter Rushton, Simon Sheppard, Richard Edmonds, the afore-mentioned councillor Derek Beacon and even the party’s founder John Tyndall himself. This was all done in an attempt to make the party more populist, but what it ended up doing is splitting the British Nationalist movement into factions. It didn’t stop there either, once the Tyndallites were gone, it was time to start removing the Griffinites who had all moved to the party with him when he was the editor of ‘Spearhead’.

Griffin went on to make a disastrous appearance on Question Time and the BNP fell massively in popularity, but the damage was really caused by all the factions and schisms that went on. This is a problem that has plagued British Nationalism since the days of Colin Jordan having to form British Movement due to him not being allowed to take part in the National Front.

If we don’t want to continue making these same mistakes, then we should be looking for the points that we agree on with others on the dissident right, rather than concentrating on the issues that divide us. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Eddy Morrison

The Daily Nationalist: 50 Years of British Nationalism V - DN 062718


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