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The Daily Nationalist: Black Rapper Gets Just Deserts – DN 061918

dn 061918

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Sven Longshanks to discuss the latest news, which includes the beheading of a Swedish woman by a Syrian refugee, 2 Black rappers shot and killed on the same day and the Pope holding a ‘let’s welcome the invasion’ conference.

But first, today is the anniversary of a Moslem being run over outside Finsbury Park Mosque and the UK government are desperate to portray this as an instance of rising ‘right wing terrorism’. The fact is the guy who ran the Moslem over had learning difficulties, he was drunk and he thought the country was at war with Moslems since he had just seen hundreds of children blown up at a pop concert by them. His response was not an act of terrorism, he had no political ideology, it was simply his attempt at defending his country from those waging war against it.

They talk about us being radicalised by people like Tommy Robinson, but it is the news itself that makes us hate those who are attacking us and quite rightly so when you hear stories like this latest one from Sweden. The Moslem who did the beheading and then stabbed her lifeless body over 130 times, claims he did so because he thought the woman might have said something ‘racist’. This is the message the invaders are constantly being given, that if you are a racist, then you deserve to be punched, raped, killed and now beheaded.

It wasn’t just any Black rapper that got shot and killed yesterday, it was the Black rapper who featured White children being hanged in his most recent music video. Some might say him being shot was poetic justice. It is certainly a common occurrence among Blacks to be killing one another. This particular Negro was a typical rapper, facing charges for armed robbery and severely beating and battering his pregnant girlfriend and Dr Johnson thinks it may even have been the record company that had him taken out, to prevent all their collusion coming out in court.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: Black Rapper Gets Just Deserts – DN 061918


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