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The Daily Nationalist: The Cross and the Sword – DN 061818

dn 061818

Sven Longshanks hosts a solo podcast to start the week with, today looking at some misconceptions about the spread of Christianity through Europe.

The ancient rules of warfare were that if you were defeated in battle, you either accepted death or slavery. With the advent of Christianity in Europe, this changed. If your vanquished foe accepted Christianity and you were a Christian, then you were compelled to do neither. When the Teutonic Knights went into the Baltics, they were an invading force and these were the rules of warfare that the Christian knights adhered to. However when a united country like Britain became Christian under King Lucius, there were no battles involved. When Charlemagne became king, his own tribe followed suit, but there were other tribes in the realm who were traitors and retained their loyalty elsewhere. It was these traitors that were put to the sword, the same as the converso Jews were in later times who were also lying about being Christian.

Much of the content about Christianity in Arthur Kemp’s ‘March of the Titans’ is demonstrably false. In one part he claims the Essenes were Talmudists who thought their God was universal, when Josephus tells us the Essenes were the ones who rejected the Talmud and kept their blood pure. He also makes Julian the Apostate out to be a hero, when Julian’s greatest admirers were the Jews, because he tried to rebuild their temple for them and spent a fortune on them. Perhaps the author’s hatred of Christianity is more important to him than exposing those who work with the Jews against our interests. He would not be alone in that and his book is not the only one to spread misconceptions about the rise of Christianity in Europe.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: The Cross and the Sword – DN 061818


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