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The Daily Nationalist: Generation Zyklon – DN 060518

dn 060518

Natt Danelaw joins Sven Longshanks to talk about generation Z. Gen X were hedonists and the Millennials were narcissists, but Gen Z appear to be very conservative minded, they take drugs less, have less teen pregnancies and are far more likely to attend church. They are keen to work and are looking for fulfilment in what they do, rather than just looking to make a quick buck.

What is it they are trying to conserve though? Every generation has nostalgia for yesteryear, gen X had ‘The Wonder Years’ and Millennials have their fascination with the eighties, for Gen Z it is the time before the war on terror began and the rise of Islam. It is a yearning for less diverse nations that they feel.

They have nothing left to lose, their lands have been taken over, they have been replaced in their universities and they will never be able to afford their own home due to usury and immigration. However they do have the vitality and initiative that only the young have and it is this which the enemy fears more than anything else.

Gen Z are searching for Nationalism and when they find it, they do great things with it. The role of the previous generations is to help provide the resources that Gen Z have yet to acquire. The funds necessary for their activities and the wisdom of learning from other’s mistakes made in the past.  
Gen Z may well be poised to succeed where the previous movements of yesterday knew only failure.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Natt Danelaw

The Daily Nationalist: Generation Zyklon – DN 060518


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