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The Daily Nationalist: How to Avoid the Clap – DN 060618

dn 060618

Sven Longshanks hosts a solo podcast for today, but Eddy Morrison will be back next week.

The first subject covered is the rise in STDs in Britain. There has been a twenty percent rise in syphilis and gonorrhea, both diseases that had pretty much been eradicated in Britain since Victorian times. Public Health England are suggesting the rise has been caused by lack of condom use, however Blacks are nine times more likely to have to have syphilis than Whites and seventy eight percent of all gonorrhea cases are sodomites. The way to avoid catching these diseases is simple, just don’t have bum sex and don’t sleep with non-Whites.

The UK Universities Minister has come up with a novel way to solve the disparity in application results between White students and Black at universities. He thinks we should simply stop paying attention to exam results and instead look at the ‘context’ of the applicant. This appears to be double-speak for saying the race of the applicant should be all the criteria needed to be accepted for a place. It is no surprise to discover that this brainwave was dreamt up by  one of David Lammy’s co-ethnics.

Further information on Negro attempts to gain entry to university have been sent in, that show the automated software that scans for cheating in applications has been shows to have ‘unconscious bias’. Once again, the poor Black man is being discriminated against by artificial intelligence.

Finally we have a story where boys are being forced to wear skirts at school, so that imaginary hermaphrodites don’t feel left out.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: How to Avoid the Clap – DN 060618


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