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The Daily Nationalist: Immigration and Slavery – DN 062218

dn 062218

There are two main subjects in today’s solo podcast from Sven Longshanks, inspired by the recent attacks against Trump over America enforcing the law against illegal immigrants.

The fuss about children being separated from their parents is ridiculous, if the parents wish to take their children along with them while they break into someone else’s country with the intent of burgling it, then it is the parents at fault and not Donald Trump if they then get arrested and separated.

Instead of releasing the intruders into the population as the press expected him to, Trump has now said the children can be locked up with the parents too! 

Melania has also shown that she is not just a pretty face by visiting the caged criminals to see conditions for herself, wearing a coat which said ‘I really don’t care, do you?' in large writing on the back. So well done to both of them.

We are often told that we must accept the hordes of the third world into our countries because we were immigrants once and we enslaved the Black man, but we were not immigrants we were colonisers. We went to empty lands, tamed the wilderness and created civilisation. While we were doing that we used the natural resources around us to aid us in our quest and the Black man was seen as a part of that. A natural resource to be utilised in order to create something positive. We even used White people for this purpose too, but the difference between this pair of human resources is that without the symbiotic relationship of master and slave between the White and the Black, the negro is not able to feed or water himself. He only survives today because the White man provides everything for him, but unlike then, he is now not expected to do any work in exchange for it.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Immigration and Slavery – DN 062218


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