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The Daily Nationalist: Racism Blamed for University Recruitment Failure – DN 060418

dn 060418

Sven Longshanks hosts a solo podcast for the start of the week, looking at accusations of racism made to Oxford and Cambridge Universities and Sajid David’s response to an imaginary ‘Far Right’ threat.

David Lammy has accused the two universities of ‘social apartheid’ and is demanding they explain why you are twice as likely to get accepted at them if you are White, than if you are Black. The universities have responded by begging families and schools to help, as they are already providing free travel, free lessons and free summer schools in their desperate bid to find magic negroes with the same IQ as Whites.

It is not that the universities are being racist, Blacks just don’t have the same intelligence as Whites. The average IQ of the sub-saharan negro is 70, which is borderline retarded for a White male. The most intelligent Blacks in the whole of Africa at Johannesberg university only have an average IQ of 85. They simply are not up to the high standards required to pass the entrance exam to Oxford or Cambridge and no amount of grovelling, begging and pleading with the negroids is going to change that biological fact.

Sajid Javid is very similar to David Lammy, he is another token minority in government who is only interested in promoting his own in-group’s interests. Today he has announced that a Moslem being made Home Secretary in Britain is a victory against Islam! He also seems to think the Islamic threat will be over in 2 years, although he offers no evidence of the Islamic threat ever decreasing in any area that has Moslems in it. He also claims ISIS and the Far Right are the same thing, yet if one is a reaction to the other, then removing kebab would neutralise both.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Racism Blamed for University Recruitment Failure – DN 060418


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