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The Daily Nationalist: Wailing Wall Idolatry – DN 062918

dn 062918

Florian Geyer joins Sven Longshanks to discuss an appalling display of heathen idolatry seen in Jerusalem yesterday, Prince William worshipping a pile of bricks. This is actually the very sin the Jews accuse Christ of doing in the Talmud, but besides that, by going along with the Jews’ fantasy that the Wailing Wall is a part of Herod’s temple miraculously left standing, William is denying one of the most fundamental tenets of Christianity. That the temple was utterly destroyed with not one stone left atop another.

The Wailing Wall is actually a part of a Roman fort that Herod the baby-killer built, it was rediscovered by a Moslem who dug down through all the filth and garbage that Christians had been throwing at it and after a famous kabbalistic rabbi claimed it was really the wall of the temple, the Jews all flocked there and started to worship it.

Before this there had been one other attempt to find and rebuild the temple, this was carried out by Julian the Apostate, hero of the pagans. What the pagans don’t tell you is that he saw Jews as fellows pagans and he saw the Jewish god as a pagan god. Part of his reform of paganism was to rebuild the Jews’ temple as the new centre for it, however as soon as the Jews got close to the building site ‘fire and brimstone’ came down from the heavens and Jews started being swallowed up by the earth.

The Jerusalem temple wasn’t even the House of God at the time of Christ, the real second temple was pulled down by Herod and a new one built in it’s place and it was this pagan place of sacrifice full of Herod’s cronies impersonating priests that God destroyed.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Nationalist: Wailing Wall Idolatry – DN 062918


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