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Thoughts of the Day: Racial Harmony – GL 062618

gl 062618

It's Tuesday so that can only mean it's Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day. We're going full conversational this week. Instead of nice neatly separated segments, we're going to lump all of our topics in together and talk about them. This may seem a bit different, but so many of these things are interconnected that it actually makes sense.

If there is a unifying thread this week, it's all about percentages. People who are still clinging to the America of yester year long for things to go back to the way they were. They can't grasp why it is that there is all this strife between the races now, when there never used to be. Well, GPL is here to tell you: it's all about percentages. What is the percentage of your race in relation to the rest of the population? In this you will find the key.

Of course the latest Jew narrative is about poor children being separated down at the Mexico boarder and Trump, who is so evil and mean he is literally ripping children from their families. Never mind that I've never heard of anyone being able to take their kids to jail with them. Of course, the Leftists don't want the kids to go to jail with the parents, what they are really after is an open boarder by proxy where everyone floods in and nobody goes to jail. Of course only for White countries.

I'll repeat once again this week the importance of taking the positives when you find them. Too many of our own will always fail to even try and find a positive in any situation. Folks, we have to take what little victories we can find, where we find them. Too many people seem to think the way you win is fight fight fight then suddenly you get one huge win. This simply isn't the case. You fight many small battles, take your wins where you can get them and when you accumulate enough of them, then you wind up with a big picture victory. Take Trump for instance: I've heard all of your complaints about Trump and I agree with most of them. However he's not Theresa May now is he?

One of the big wins we've received via Trump is the death of Conservatism. All of these Conservative commentators are now running as fast as they can right into the arms of the very Leftists they were always in bed with to begin with.

I've often seen people complain about the problems with White people, such as we're too merciful we're too understanding, we should just wipe out the other races from the face of the earth. While it is true that we as a race have our weaknesses, the fact remains that this is a part of our genetic natures whether you like it or not. Now this fault has been exploited to the extreme in these modern times, but again this is still a part of who we are. We can't change the genetic nature of Blacks. We can't change the genetic nature of the Jews and neither can we change the genetic nature of our own people.

Speaking of the Jews, it wouldn't be Thoughts of the Day without spending a little time talking about our hooked nose merchant friends. We point them out all the time here at Thoughts of the Day and we quite often discuss the reasons why. This week we'll discuss Hitler’s directive to give people a singular enemy to focus on rather than some vague concept that they are unable to grasp.

Listener questions and comments are back this week! We start off hearing from Charlie who is curious to hear GPL's view about what form the societal break down will take. While we're all aware that society is currently crumbling, what is it going to wind up playing out like? Are we looking at zombie apocalypse tier destruction or something less? Will we be roaming the ruins of our once great nations with guns killing for food or something else? While I obviously don't have a crystal ball we'll discuss some possible scenarios of how this can play out.

Next up: Mr. Turner has observed that it seems White people only seem to flourish during times of strife and struggle. Is this the case or is it simply the work of the Jews? We're all aware of how the cycle plays out through history. Does it have to be so, or can something different happen? We'll discuss it here.

Our Church of the Lampshade segment this week is on faith. What is the proper definition of faith for you as a Christian believer? How do you know if you're keeping the faith? As Christians we get tarred with the same brush as the modern cuck church and even though none of us like that it's unavoidable, as that is what the majority of what calls itself Christianity is. Still, we have a faith that the non-believer does not have and I believe this gives us more strength in this struggle than what those who lack this faith. Hopefully we will adequately explain why that is.

I hope you enjoy this week's show. I hope that you'll stand firm in your convictions and your beliefs. Let's keep striving and let's keep moving forward because in this world to struggle is to live. We'll see you next week right here for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Racial Harmony – GL 062618


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