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Thoughts of the Day: Walking on Sunshine – GL 060518

gl 060518

A more upbeat instalment of Thoughts of the Day returns this week. After last week's less than uplifting show, we are now back walking on sunshine and taking it to these rat Jews. We'll start this episode with an update from the meme front on social media. What's going on out there? Well in short, the Jews are becoming increasingly desperate to shut us down. Or in other words: more of the same.

I've often looked to Weimar Germany as something of a white pill. Why? Because if a country in that bad a situation can turn it around in just a few short years, then surely it can happen again. However today we'll discuss what exactly makes now different from then. In short, it really all comes down to a matter of scale.

Whether it’s the Left or of the soft Right in this country, they both live in a fantasy land. They both cling to their delusions of being the truth when in reality they are both just as misguided. This is one of the reasons they both lash out at us as truth speakers. Our truths destroy their comfy little fantasy bubble that they live in. We'll discuss these Leftist and soft Right fantasies today and you may be surprised to discover just how similar they actually are. However it shouldn't be surprising at all since the source of their fantasy and delusion is one and the same: the Jew.

Sticking with the topic of conservative fantasies let's talk about the lie called assimilation. How many times do we hear people on the soft Right say, "I have no problem with immigration but these immigrants need to assimilate"? It's a lie. Assimilation itself is a lie. This goes back to the Jew lie of ‘Muh Melting Pot’ country. Today we'll break down this lie in a manner that should leave no doubt in the mind of even the most deluded conservative.

The ever popular listener’s questions and comments segment kicks off this week with one from Mr. Bond. He asks what GPL's take is on those who essentially say that we will never accept or adopt any form of National Socialism in our modern White nations. While I've always said the people will probably never actually accept the term, I do believe they will accept the policies or some variation thereof. Perhaps a more accurate way to put it is that the people will ultimately have to choose between living under some form of NS or Communism. We'll explain why this is right here.

We kick off the Church of the Lampshade segment this week with a listener’s comment from Winston. Winston looks around and sees the beauty in this world. Yet also there is the spiritual and even godly hatred that we hold for the wickedness of this world. As we struggle and learn about the Lord these things can almost come into a state of contradiction. The reality is we're talking about two different "worlds" here: the creation and the satanic environment, the toxic environment that comes from men and Satan's dominion over this fallen world. Our regular sermon delves into these end days that we are living in and continues on from Christ's often used agricultural based symbolism. It has occurred to your humble Reverend that most people today weren't raised in the country and many of these agricultural based comparisons are often lost on them. That's ok, we're going to give you an intro course to agriculture this week as well as hopefully an advanced course in your Christian spirituality.

On a programming note: we may not have a fresh show up next week. I'm going to have to travel quite a bit next week and as such, recording on the road is very difficult. If for some reason I'm unable to get it done then we'll be back in two weeks. In the end, whether it's two weeks or one you can bet that one way or another, we'll be back right here for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Walking on Sunshine – GL 060518


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