Radio Free Northwest: The Damage Caused by Political Correctness – RFN 020718

rfn 070518

Harold Covington begins this week’s podcast by talking about how political correctness has driven a wedge between White men and women. The genders were not created to compete with each other, but to compliment one another and the issue of misogyny caused by feminism is not one that can wait until we have won, it needs addressing now.

Rico the White migrant is on next, who talks about what life is like in Montana and the importance of having a trade to offer and resources, before moving.

Gretchen reviews ‘The Fall of Western Man’ by Mark Collett, which looks at our situation through the lens of freudian psycho-analysis applied to the nation instead of the individual.

The Trucker is in Minnesota and encourages listeners to settle for less, rather than borrow money and pay instalments just to keep up with current trends.

Andy Donner goes scriptless on the subject of emotional reactions to white genocide and why he no longer gets worried about it. People who are actively trying to solve this problem, don’t tend to get so upset about it as those that don’t. If you know you are doing all you can to prevent it, then you are not going to be feeling guilty about it.

Harold winds up the podcast by lamenting the fact people are going there to see him, instead of the place itself.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Damage Caused by Political Correctness – RFN 020718

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