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Radio Free Northwest: The Turning Wheels – RFN 071218

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Harold starts this week’s podcast by listing what people appear to like and what they don’t like about Radio Free Northwest. Sometimes we need to listen to things we don’t want to hear, but most seem to like hearing Harold narrate his novels and we get a chapter from one this week called ‘The Turning Wheels’.

Next we get some predictions of where things are going and he reminds us that we always knew how much of a Zionist Trump was, but despite that he will always be so much better than any of the alternatives.

Gretchen reviews George Orwell’s 1984, a dystopian fantasy where you are watched all the time by the state and the facts of history are regularly changed to suit the whims of the government. Not such a fantasy and more like reality, Orwell was around 20 years off with his date for this.

The Trucker is in Colorado and has a wildlife update for travellers making their way to the Northwest.

The podcast finishes with a useful kitchen table talk about some of the ways you can protect yourself from being set up by infiltrators.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Turning Wheels – RFN 071218

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