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The Daily Nationalist: 50 Years of British Nationalism VI – DN 070918

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Sven Longshanks is joined by Eddy Morrison to continue looking back over 50 years of British Nationalism, this week concentrating on AK Chesterton’s League of Empire Loyalists, a Conservative party pressure group with fascist and racialist sympathies.

The LEL were expert media manipulators, performing stunts that would probably get jail terms today, such as throwing sheep guts at the Kenyan president (who was an accessory to the murder of countless White people), spending the night hidden in a podium to jump out during a conference and also even punching the same Kenyan President in the face.

The Tories increasingly distanced themselves from the LEL, leading to membership dwindling to just 300 activists and this, along with the collapse of the British Empire caused the group to turn their attentions inwards to what was happening in Britain.

By this time, Colin Jordan, John Tyndall, Martin Webster and John Bean were all members and there were calls for a political party and a ban on Jews and non-Whites joining. Chesterton would not accept this, so Bean formed the National Labour Party and JT and CJ formed the White Defence League. Eventually the LEL became the National Front and John Bean’s outfit merged with them, but the NF refused to accept CJ much to their loss, as by that time he had gained quite some notoriety with his British National Socialist Movement, which we will hear about next week.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Eddy Morrison

The Daily Nationalist: 50 Years of British Nationalism VI – DN 070918


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