The Daily Nationalist: ‘Abrahamic Faiths’ is an Islamic Lie – DN 073118 - Radio Aryan


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The Daily Nationalist: ‘Abrahamic Faiths’ is an Islamic Lie – DN 073118

dn 073118

Sven Longshanks looks at the idea that Jews, Christians and Moslems are all Abrahamic faiths that worship the same God, a lie that appears to have it’s origin in Islam.

Islam claims that it is one of a group of faiths that it calls ‘people of the book’ that also includes Christians and Jews. It claims to have the true revelation that comes from God, however the author of the Koran thought that the Christian trinity was Jesus, God and Mary and that Jesus never died on the cross, something that is attested to by Tacitus, Josephus, St Paul and even the Talmud. Either God didn’t actually know what Christianity was, or the author of the Koran was not God.

The idea that all religions are the same is an ancient gnostic principle that also finds it’s expression in Freemasonry, paganism and the perennial philosophy. It does not feature at all in Christianity, which traces a direct line back to Abraham, one man who passed his faith in God’s promise on to a single son of his called Isaac. His other son Ishmael who the Arabs erroneously claim descent from, was kicked out of the house and banned from the land.

The Jews are certainly not worshipping the same God as the Christians either, Christ is the God of the Christians and according to the rabbis he is boiling in hell while covered with Jewish excrement for being an anti-Semite.

Both Jews and Moslems have many verses in their Holy books attacking Christians, both think it is fine to lie to Christians, steal from Christians and call for them to be executed for being idolaters once once either of them take power.

Any church that accepts the lie that Moslems and Jews are our brothers in faith and worship the same God as us is no longer following Christ and the Bible, they are following Mohammed and his Rabbi friends.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Nationalist: ‘Abrahamic Faiths’ is an Islamic Lie – DN 073118


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