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The Daily Nationalist: BBC Gay Mafia Infestation – DN 070318

dn 070318

Florian Geyer joins Sven Longshanks to discuss a recent report put out by the BBC that shows they have 417 trans-genders working for them. This is 6 to 20 times the percentage they are in the general population.

On top of this, 11% of the BBC staff are homosexual, which is about 10 times as many as they are in the population.

You would think they would now be looking at reducing these numbers to make them more in tune with the number among their viewers, but instead they are calling for more lesbians to join and are looking at making the BBC even more oriented towards trans-sexuals.

The reason why these figures are so much higher than they are in the population, is because they represent the number of perverts the government and the BBC would like to have in the population and this is all but admitted to when they say they were originally aiming for 8% queers by 2020.

Each year the number of people that think they are homosexual increases by 10% with the largest increases by far being among the young, who have been put through the school brainwashing system which now does little else than promote political correctness and perversity.

As well as encouraging degenerate sexual practices the system persecutes those that speak out against it, with a recent example being a Canadian who now faces 2 years in prison for saying that homosexuals have a higher incidence of disease than heterosexuals. He was also denied food for 24 hours, held for 4 days in jail without his medication and has now lost his job.

Those who try to help homosexuals lead normal lives, are also now to be designated as criminals. In Britain they are making it illegal to offer therapy designed to cure homosexuality. Surely this is the decision of the individual though, if these services did not work, then nobody would use them. Clearly it is possible for people to restrain their homosexual urges, the same as it is possible for straight people to restrain theirs, but that would mean accepting that it is a choice that people make, rather than a biological imperative and it would also mean holding queers to the same standards as straight people, which is not what this about, despite all their demands for ‘equality’.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Nationalist: BBC Gay Mafia Infestation – DN 070318


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