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The Daily Nationalist: Boers Seek Refuge in Russia – DN 071118

dn 071118

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Sven Longshanks to discuss 15,000 White South African refugees moving to Russia, a report on the Black savages they are fleeing from and the Italian response to being invaded.

The Boers have sent a delegation of 3 people to Sebastopol, to negotiate land lease for up to 15,000 White Boers fleeing from farm murders and state sanctioned theft. They wont just be bringing their knowledge at turning harsh environments into farmland, but also the same pioneering genes that turned South Africa into a first world country. One of the reasons they have chosen Russia, is because they can see that Russia is anti-Liberal and pro-Tradition. Despite being Protestants, they believe they have much in common with the Russian Orthodox, as both share the same Christian ethics.

The Congoid or sub-saharan negroid is the most common type of negro in Africa. He represents the typical African type and he has not changed at all since the first White adventurers discovered him seated in a charnel house eating his neighbour’s flesh. The UN have just released a report that details both the Congo government forces and the militias, cooking and eating each other, wearing genitals as ornaments and forcing children to rape their own mothers. These are the sort of people that are massacring the Boers in South Africa and they make up the majority of the Negroid types found on the boats invading Europe.

Salvini has shown what must be done to prevent them from entering Europe and it is quite simple and doesn’t require firing cannon at their dinghies. Simply by refusing to allow NGO vessels laden with negroids to dock in Italy has seen the amount attempting to break in reduced by half. Once they know they will not be let in, they will stop trying. The figures for this year so far prove that his plan has worked, it juist needs to be put into practice by the rest of the EU now to prevent any more getting in.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: Boers Seek Refuge in Russia – DN 071118


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