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The Daily Nationalist: The British Empire in India – DN 071218

dn 071218

Sven Longshanks hosts a solo podcast, looking at what happened when the British army educated non-Whites in India and taught them how to use weapons.

These Indians became known as Sapoys and they were enlisted largely to help the British troops. The Sapoys of Bengal alone numbered 150,000, while there were just 23,000 White British troops in the whole of India.

The Sapoys were really just waiting for an excuse to use in order to rise up against the Whites and kill them all, which they attempted on the pretext that the ammunition grease was made from pigs and cows.

Thousands of them attacked, killing hundreds of White men, women and children in the most beastly ways imaginable, leaving the women until last so they saw their husbands and children slaughtered before they died.

In one instance, after chopping a whole room full of women to pieces, two mothers jumped down a well to their certain doom rather than be caught. The pile of dead bodies was then thrown in after them.

It was this uprising that led to the apprehension that officers felt when presented with a mob of Indians, whether they were armed or not. At any moment another massacre could take place, so the policy of shoot first and ask questions later is understandable.

Today we are making the same mistake again, though in our own homelands this time. Each one of those non-White soldiers that are serving in our armies is a potential security risk and the next Sapoy uprising will be far worse than the one in India.

Quotes taken from Arthur Kemp’s ‘March of the Titans’

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: The British Empire in India – DN 071218


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