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The Daily Nationalist: Monkey Mayors Revolt Against Trump – DN 070618

DN 070618

Sven Longshanks host a solo edition of the podcast, looking at the anti-British behaviour of two non-Whites promoted way above their station to Lord Mayor.

The first of these is Sadiq Khan, who has no business getting involved in foreign affairs at all being mayor of London. He is supposed to be apolitical, yet he has given permission for Antifa to tether an inflatable offensive image of Trump right next to the Houses of Parliament while the President will be there. Would he allow an image of Theresa May, or himself to be tethered there? Would he allow an image of Tommy Robinson to be tethered there? Of course he wouldn’t, this is a personal vendetta being carried out by the dark-skinned dwarf that can only be harmful to the interests of the British people.

The second clown is the mayor of Sheffield Majid Majid, a Somalian reject who was kindly given refugee status by Britain who now thinks he has the right to start banning the President of America from Sheffield. He shows no respect for the public office he has been voted into, wearing the mayor’s chain like it is a Black rap medallion and squatting like a monkey on the mayor’s table. He has tweeted that Trump is a ‘wasteman’ and given a list of reasons why he is publicly attacking Trump, which clearly show his loyalty is not to the country that took him in, but is to his fellow Somalians and other illegal immigrants in Mexico.

The behaviour of both of them is actually just what you would expect of them, since both ethnicities have average IQs far below that of the White man. Only a cursory look through the other news of the day will find a Negro teen that had no idea how to swim, dying after jumping into a swimming pool. This is the level of intelligence we now have in public roles at the top tier of society in Britain.

If you would like to see a giant inflatable baby of Mayor Khan flying above London to demonstrate your disgust at him, please donate HERE.

Presented by Sven Longshanks 

The Daily Nationalist: Monkey Mayors Revolt Against Trump – DN 070618


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