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The Daily Nationalist: A Serial Killer in Salisbury? – DN 070518

dn 070518

Two more people have been attacked with a compound similar to noivchok in Britain and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Sven Longshanks to discuss it.

This time it is not a Russian ex-spy, but a middle aged British couple, one of whom is a registered heroin addict. Just like the last time, the Police and medical services at first thought it was a case of recreational drug poisoning. Perhaps it was, it is possible that there may be a contaminated batch of research chemicals that is poisoning people and these cases have just been highlighted because one of them was an ex-spy.

The fact that neither of these attempted murders succeeded, points to the substance not being Novichok, or at least not a pure version such as would be available to a state actor. One pin drop of it is enough to kill ten men, within minutes if inhaled and within hours if consumed.

It is also very unstable and exposure to normal conditions will cause it to break down and dissipate, which is one of the reasons why it was developed. It would be impossible for this to be the same novichok-lite that was used on the Skripals, if it had been left lying around somewhere for four months, which seems to be what the UK government are implying as they desperately clutch at straws trying to blame Russia.

A far more likely scenario, is that these poisonings were carried out by a similar type of person to a serial killer. Possibly somebody who worked for or still does work at Portland Down, the UK chemical weapons facility. The factor that unites all four of these poisonings is the area in which they took place, not ‘Russia’.

It is unlikely that this was carried out by British intelligence, as the last thing they would want to do is draw attention to Portland Down. It is not likely to be Russia either, as the last thing they want is this to be dragged up again during the World Cup and right before Putin’s summit with Trump.

The worry is, that the UK  government will not investigate the serial killer theory, as they appear to only be looking for evidence that ties Russia to the incident. If we start seeing more poisonings, then it will be Theresa May that has some explaining to do, not Putin.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: A Serial Killer in Salisbury? – DN 070518


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