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The Daily Nationalist: Slavery in the Ancient White World – DN 071018

dn 071018

Florian Geyer joins Sven Longshanks to look at the role slavery played in ancient White societies and how it was a lot more civilised than people think.

Beginning with slavery in Egypt, we also look at Greece, Rome, Anglo-Saxon England and finally Hebrew slave law from the Old Testament.

There were 3 main types of slave, those that hired themselves out or were in debt, those who had committed crimes and those who were captured during war. In Egypt, most slaves came from war but they were still better off than most freemen elsewhere. In Greece slaves were encouraged to buy their freedom and the system was much closer to employment today, with slaves owning their own properties and paying a tax to their owners from the businesses that they owned.

Slaves were worth a lot of money, when you consider their worth as an initial outlay and the amount of work you would expect to get out of them. Harming a slave would be very counter-productive, similar to deliberately damaging your own sports car.

Slavery was more risky for the owner than the slave, as only the owner could be held accountable for the actions of the slave. If the slave raped or murdered, it was the owner that paid the price. This is why the owner was allowed to discipline slaves and it is also why a husband was allowed to discipline his wife.

Hebrew laws ensured that slaves were treated very well, so well that in some cases slaves wished to stay as a slave rather than be freed. Slaves were only to be bought, not taken in war like elsewhere and any Hebrew slave had to be released after 6 years and given goods and possessions to leave with.

We pride ourselves today on no longer using slavery, but people still have to work in order to cover their living costs and we still have to pay taxes, we do not receive a share of the gross domestic product that the country produces and we are still punished by our owner (the state) for bad behaviour. Freedom from slavery is just an illusion.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Nationalist: Slavery in the Ancient White World – DN 071018


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