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The Daily Nationalist: Trump Highlights Theresa’s Treason – DN 071318

dn 071318

Sven Longshanks hosts a solo podcast looking at Donald Trump’s visit to Britain and the upcoming ‘Free Tommy’ protest that takes place tomorrow.

The President and the First Lady were at Blenheim Palace yesterday looking maganificent, while Theresa and her hen-pecked husband looked completely out of place and overshadowed by the American alpha couple.

Trump had given an interview just before the dinner, where he spoke quite truthfully about the mess that May has made of her Brexit negotiations. Instead of taking Trump up on his offer of a trade deal, she has snubbed him and ensured that America can’t even do a deal with Britain unless it goes through the EU first! Her treason knows no bounds, this woman is a menace to the British people and Trump shows great restraint by still humouring her pretence of leaving the EU.

Trump’s approval rating is around 50, while May’s is at – 37, the lowest it has ever been, yet she thinks she represents the British people. The man who truly represents the will of the majority in Britain is in prison at the moment for reporting on Moslem rape gangs. Tommy’s appeal will be heard next week by the highest judge in the land, not because they think his case deserves proper scrutiny, but because they are hoping he will be able to think of an excuse to keep him in prison.

Geert Wilders has been prevented from attending the ‘Free Tommy’ protest on Saturday as the UK are refusing to provide him a security detail, which would normally just be a matter of common courtesy. Britain has it’s own designated Moslem assassination targets such as Salman Rushdie, but you don’t hear of him ever being refused a security detail if he wants to visit another country. Jayda Fransen is also being silenced by the British government, as under her bail conditions she is not allowed to speak to her party, as they have been designated ‘racists’. These are the sneaky ways the UK government try to silence all voices of opposition to their agenda of the Islamisation of Great Britain and the replacement of it’s indigenous population.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Trump Highlights Theresa’s Treason – DN 071318


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