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The Daily Nationalist: Serena’s Protest Against Sexism – DN 091118

dn 091118
Sven Longshanks looks at the response to Serena Williams violent temper tantrum, a UK mosque owner calling for islamophobes to be slaughtered and a negro decapitation in a betting shop.

Serena Williams claims she was standing up for women by refusing to obey the umpire and throwing a temper tantrum and surprisingly, some people are actually supporting her. Her behaviour is hardly a good example to set and it is not the first time she has threatened violence against people on the tennis court. She thinks she should be able to do anything she likes with her negro privilege, wear whatever she likes while playing, decide who is allowed to be the umpire and continue to be coached while playing a match. This atrocious display of bad sportsmanship is being portrayed as a protest against sexism, since she thinks men ‘showing their emotions’ during a game would not be penalised. Men might show their emotions by allowing their eyes to water, or shouting for joy, but making threats and violently intimidating the umpire and the crowd goes far beyond showing your emotion and would be more likely to result in permanent exclusion if a man were to behave like her.

There is one law for the privileged minorities and another for the rest of us. A booklet has been found calling for those who insult Mohammed to be executed. The booklet was given out at a mosque owned by the author, who has been in trouble before for saying the same thing, yet police are unsure as yet whether any crime has been committed. If a booklet had been found on a nationalist calling for non-Whites to be exterminated he would be on remand by the end of the day and it would be international news.

The final news story is about a Black medical student, who decided to decapitate his Black flat-mate in his local betting shop. He was able to do this with a simple kitchen knife as he had been a medical student and received training, despite the fact he was a low IQ negro who had come here from the Sudan. They plead asylum from a country at war, then bring that war with them to our shores. The last beheading in England before modern times was Charles I, now we have the wonders of living in a multicultural society it happens so often it merits hardly a mention in the national news.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Serena’s Protest Against Sexism – DN 091118

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