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Thoughts of the Day: Love is Love – GL 091018

gl 091118

Thoughts of the Day returns this week with loads of fun topics, music and the Church of the Lampshade and We open by discussing one of the prime arguments against naming the Jews: namely that it simply doesn't work. I saw this argument made once again from a pro-White author and I thought it was a legitimate point that should be addressed. After all, if naming the Jews doesn't work, we shouldn't be wasting our time.

If there were to be a phrase etched on the tombstone of the White race I think it would be "Love is love". This seems to truly encompass the stupid altruism that our people suffer from. Every time you see this lie repeated it always winds up being in defense of some form of degeneracy. Yet our people parade around parroting this lie believing it makes them righteous.

As Christian believers we often talk about the remnant of Christianity, but before we begin our sermon this week, we'll discuss the importance of accepting the fact that perhaps only a remnant of the White race is going to remain as well.

We continue this topic in the Church of the Lampshade segment as we discuss those who arrogantly believe that even though our nations are full of wickedness and degeneracy, that God will somehow be more merciful to them since it's still better than the godless Moslems. This is a dangerous falsehood. Ask yourself this: who does a father hold to a higher standard, his own children or those who are strangers to him?

The show is a lot of fun this week or at least it was for me and I think it will be for you too. So sit back get cozy and tune in for another thought inspiring discussion with Grandpa Lampshade on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Love is Love – GL 091018

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